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Interested in learning more about breast health and breast cancer prevention? That's good to hear. Give yourself a pat on the back for being proactive.

Women's Health Information

Our breast self examination (BSE) page also appears in each year's edition of the Breast of Canada calendar. As a visual cue, we've taken the third of each month and plopped the number on it's side, so that it looks like boobs. Gareth is so clever.

Then we added the message, Be a Friend, Remind a Friend hoping this will encourage you to think about your monthly BSE and be a breast friend too. Designed to show real women doing a BSE with easy to follow instructions so you can learn how to do a proper Breast Self examination .

If you're into blogs, here are two that I write.

The Breast Views Blog
Daily News & Alternative Views of the
Wonderful World of Breasts

My Menopause Blog
How to Punctuate Life Without a Period

If you visit our Resources and Links page you'll find connections to other Women's Health organizations.

Our Newsletters page offers even more articles on Women's Health issues. Recent topics include The ABC's of Estrogen. Find out what health and environment advocates are saying about "Campaign to Control Cancer" .

And I highly recommend you check out Environmental Working Group's recently released report called SKIN DEEP; a safety review of the ingredients found in thousands of cosmetic products available in stores.

Prepare to be shocked.



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