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The Breast Story
Chapter 2 - Oh to be a fly on the wall!

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Breast of Canada owners all over Canada and across the United States are moving into their fourth month of experience with the images and energy associated with the 2002 calendar. From the stories that are making their way to me via the internet, friends of friends, and letters the calendar is proving to be much more than your average wall calendar designed to record birthdays and dentist appointments. BOC is striking a nerve across the country.

Some people love it..... And some people hate it!

As the publisher, I am delighted. To me the range of emotional reaction is a testament to the importance and quality of the project. If no one cared...well no one would care and I wouldnšt hear a peep. As it stands, there are days when I spend all my time managing feedback. Strong, powerful feedback that is inspiring action and attitude shifts in individuals and organizations.

As a business woman I took a considerable financial hit bringing this project into the world. I spent too much of my time knocking on doors that thought the calendar was controversial and pornographic. Once I finally wrapped my head around this reality it was too late. Calendars are very time sensitive products and my time had run out.

So, with thousands of 2002 calendars in stock and thousands of dollars of debt, you would think I'd get out of the calendar business and move on to something else. To be honest, it has crossed my mind. But a funny thing happens. Every time it crosses my mind to quit, someone tells me a story about the calendar that blows me away.

Take for example the story of a 72 year old woman who started to cry when her niece showed her the calendar. She had never seen another woman's breasts and had spent her life being ashamed of her own. To see breasts beautifully presented and celebrated was an overwhelming experience that she was grateful for.

Then there was the nursing professional that was asked to remove her calendar from her office -- she refused to comply. She contended that since having the calendar up, she had engaged in more significant discussions about personal health issues with the women she worked with.

Another woman complimented me on the design of the calendar. With two active elementary school aged children, a husband and her own busy schedule, the calendar provides plenty of room for everyone to keep track of their engagements. She loves the fact that her daughter, son and husband see the breast photographs everyday without reacting. She feels that these images are providing an excellent framework for her daughters future sense of her own body and a healthy balance for her son's understanding of women.

I could go on. And I hope to. Publishing the Breast of Canada has been a highly rewarding experience that has been extremely challenging and thrilling at the same time. I would be willing to bet that in the circle that this simple wall calendar has traveled, it has inspired more discussion about body image, breast health, breast cancer, eroticism, pornography, feminism, sexuality, art, our health care system, our medical establishment, our male oriented society and whatever personal issues we carry with us than anything else that has been produced in the last 25 years.

So, the surface has been scratched. The cat is out of the bag. Breasts are hanging in kitchens, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms across this great nation of ours and beyond. To date, Išve given away close to 7,000 calendars to a prestigious list of organizations and individuals.

The way I see it, each calendar has a specific job to do. Get your attention. In my humble opinion, Breast of Canada is doing just that.

Please get behind this project. Become a breast ambassador and order your 2003 calendar now. I need 1,981 firm orders by June 1 to go to press.

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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