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Please review the various Sponsorship Opportunities

2007 Breast of Canada Calendar Sponsors

Special thanks to Avmor and Vanessa Turke for generously helping with start-up funds.

The following organizations and individuals play an integral role by helping us publish our sixth annual calendar. Please click on their site and send them an email of thanks.

Key Sponsor


Topfree Equal Rights Association

Ottawa Folklore Centre


The Federation of Canadian Naturists
Sentex Communications
Sleeman Brewery

Breast Friends
•Global Currency Services
•Sean and Lisa Secord on behalf of Margaret Jean Jerrard-Watts
•Valerie and Todd Makant
•Michael Love
•Cliff Korn
•Martha Muzychka
•Pierre and Diane Brunet

Annual Sponsorship Opportunities

Help support a positive, brave and celebratory initiative!

Full Cup Sponsorship: $10,000 One available

As a Full Cup Sponsor of Breast of Canada, you will receive the following:

In Calendar
• Exclusive logo placement on outside back cover.
• Logo placement in primary position on page one.
• Name listing under Sponsor heading on page 2.
• Exclusive Logo placement on the months of January, April, July and October.

On Website
• Logo placement on home page and sponsor page with link to your web site.
• Banner for your web site stating: "Sponsor of Breast of Canada"
• Your Banner on the Order Page.

• Logo on Sponsorship Media Release
• Exclusive thank you on signature of all BoC email correspondence.
• 50 BoC calendars
• Letter overflowing with gratitude from publisher, Sue Richards
Contact: Sue Richards to sign on - (519) 767-0142

Full Support Sponsorship: $1,000 Five available

As a Full Support Sponsor of Breast of Canada, you will receive the following:

In Calendar
• Name listing on page 2 under Sponsors heading.

On Website
• Name listing and logo placement on Home page and Sponsor page with link to your web site
• Banner for your web site stating: "Sponsor of Breast of Canada."
• Your banner on Sponsorship Page

• Name Listing on Sponsorship Media Release
• 5 BoC calendars
• Letter of deep appreciation from publisher, Sue Richards.
Contact: Sue Richards to sign on.

Breast Friend Sponsorship $100 Unlimited Available

Print off this page and send it in today!

As a Breast Friend of Breast of Canada, you will receive the following:

In Calendar
• Personal name listing on page two under Breast Friend heading.

On Website
• Personal name listing on Sponsor Page.
• Banner for your web site stating... "Breast Friend of Breast of Canada."

• 2 calendars
• Letter of thankfulness from publisher, Sue Richards.

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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