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Breast of Canada Promoting
Women's Health

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Getting Snapping for
Breast of Canada Calendar 2009

Here at Art Jam, we believe that using your creativity is a powerful way to contribute to your own quality of life while making a positive contribution to the world at large.



By exploring personal creativity and imagination an individual contributes to their own well being and good health. Since the Breast of Canada calendar is in support of Women's Health, your contribution fits right in.

Please print this page off

Fire up your camera and show us your best breast pics. Bare your breasts. Inspire your friends, sister and mother to bare their breasts. Show us what non-commerical, non-sexualized, natural breasts look like to you.

But first - please read over our guidelines. They are important. We absolutely will not publish photos that are sexual in nature or tone. We are not interested in seeing commercialized depictions of women's breasts. This is tricky business. You will learn much about our cultural conditioning by participating in this process.

We are looking for artistic, natural breast photos that are tasteful and beautiful. Breast of Canada is pioneering a new way for society to see women's bodies.

Photos may be the creative brain child of the model, photographer or third party. If your photo is accepted, each model and the photographer will receive one complimentary calendar. Calendars will be sent to whoever makes the submission. Photographers will be credited in the calendar.

We will use the photo submissions that best follow our guidelines and fit with our vision. We highly recommend that you review a copy of the previous year's calendar before loading up your camera.

Breast Photo Theme for 2009

Show us what breast health means to you. Create a composition that joyfully proclaims "I Love My Breasts". Please remember to have fun and be brave.

Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2008
Please work with our deadline.

Breast Photo Theme for 2008

Travelling 'abroad'? On the road again? Moving on down the line? Women on the move, going places, seeing the sights or kicking around your own neck of the woods. Let's see energy, movement, action.

Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2007
Please work with our deadline.

Model Guidelines:

Please review a copy of Breast of Canada calendar before doing a photo shoot. Order yours here.

  • Models must be 18 or older. Infants breastfeeding are acceptable.
  • Models must be unidentifiable.
  • Models must sign a release Model Release [pdf]
  • We want to have a variety of body and breast sizes, shapes, skin tones and ages.
  • We want some photos that involve multiple numbers of models.
  • Models must be from Canada.
  • To give more women the opportunity to be in the calendar, we will publish a models photo one time only.

Photographer Guidelines:

Please review a copy of Breast of Canada calendar before doing a photo shoot. Order yours here.


    1. Prints should have a wide tonal range. Highlights should not be bleached out. Detail in shadows too, if possible. Any grain film is fine.

    2. Prints should be 8x10 or larger (photos will be enlarged from 8x10, so a larger print allows potentially more detail). Crop as photographer wishes to print. Bear in mind that calendar size is 12" square; image will float in white space. Rough edge is fine, but designer will crop to clean edge.

    3. Please avoid fingerprints and dust, since this requires more work in Photoshop to remove.


    1. Digital images are acceptable if they are high resolution - at least 6 megapixel, saved to the highest quality jpeg setting. This means that you are using a professional consumer digital camera. We cannot print your digital images, no matter how wonderful they are, unless the meet our resolution requirements. Images will be scanned at art-book quality (400 dpi to be printed at 200 dpi). If an area of the image needs to be retouched or dodged/burned, please include detailed instructions with perhaps a digital printout to use as reference. Please include contact phone number for questions.

    2. Digital prints can be sent by jpeg or pdf and emailed to [email protected]. Send only ONE high resolution image per email or my computer will crash. Or retain your high resolution copies and email a lower resolution copy for contest review. Or save to disc and mail it to P.O. Box 714, Guelph, On N1H 6L3

All Photos:

    1. All images will be printed as two-ink duotones.
    2. Colour is also acceptable if it is on 2-1/4 slide or larger (will scan to black and white).
    3. Tip: Each image must hold the interest of the viewer everyday, for a month at a time. Sorry, we are not able to use your snap shots.
    4. Feedback will be offered if interested.
    5. Your number of submissions is unlimited.
    6. Have fun, use your imagination.
    7. Go to our Photo Gallery for examples of previous year's images.

If your photo is selected:

  • The photographer will get appropriate photo credits in the calendar, on all promotional material and on our web site
  • The models name will appear in alphabetical order on credits page unless otherwise requested
  • Each model and the photographer will EACH be sent one complimentary copy of the Breast of Canada Calendar
  • Please include a SASE if you want your photograph(s) returned

If your photo is not selected:

  • We may request to hold your image over for a future year.
  • We would be happy to provide feedback.

Send photos to: Art Jam, P.O. Box 714, Guelph, ON N1H 6L3 or by email to [email protected]. In subject line include: Photo Contest.


Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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