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September 05 - Canadian Breast Cancer Network Provide Valuable Resource

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) is a survivor-directed, national network of organizations and individuals. CBCN is a national link between all groups and individuals concerned about breast cancer, and represents the concerns of all Canadians affected by breast cancer and those at risk.


  • to provide a national link between all groups and individuals concerned about breast cancer
  • to represent the concerns of all Canadians affected by breast cancer and those at risk


  • to communicate with, support and inform organizations and individuals in Canada who are concerned about breast cancer
  • to promote education and awareness about breast cancer at the national level
  • to focus national attention o­n breast cancer and to ensure that the concerns of Canadians affected by breast cancer influence decisions of research and health care policy.

Get Breast Cancer related resources in french and english, nationally or province by province by clicking on this link.

May 05 - Women Working in Small Workplaces

One-third of Canadians are employed in workplaces with fewer than 20 employees. A 1996 report found that over 90% of businesses in Atlantic Canada were small workplaces. With the encouragement of the provincial and local governments, small businesses are growing in the region and an increasing number of women are working in small workplaces.

April 05 - Know your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important part of skin cancer prevention, and it's especially important for kids who can get a serious sunburn long before they feel any discomfort. For effective protection, the product should really be a sunblock (over SPF 12) and should have a sun protection factor of at least 15 and preferably 30 or higher.

March 05 - The ABC's of Estrogen

Estrogen is the primary sex hormone for women. If your ovaries were removed or are not functioning properly, the loss of this hormone will cause you to begin menopause. This is the hormone most physicians will prescribe for a woman in sudden (surgical) menopause, but some women cannot take it because of they have a type of cancer that is encouraged to grow by estrogen or because of other medical conditions, such as endometriosis, that may still exist in other organs even after the uterus is removed.

February 05 - Health and environment advocates cautious about "Campaign to Control Cancer"

Funding sources questioned

There are many good recommendations in the Canadian Campaign to Control Cancer launched last week, say many cancer prevention and health activists. But there are also critical omissions, and the funding of the new campaign by several leading pharmaceutical companies should raise some immediate red flags.

January 05 - The Breast Blog: Shampoo

The Environmental Working Group or EWG are consumer watchdog types. Recently, they released a report called SKIN DEEP; a safety review of the ingredients found in thousands of cosmetic products available in stores.

December - Bioidentical HRT and Pharmaceutical HRT

A look at a different type of hormone replacement that uses bioidentical hormones to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

November - Call for Art and Writing by Young Women

GirlSpoken invites you to join voices with young women across Canada and contribute to a book of writings and artwork on growing into ourselves...

October - The Breast of Times

It's a frigid February morning in Guelph, Ontario. In the art centre by the river, with sunlight streaming in through the skylights - and the thermostat tweaked a few degrees to make toplessness more comfortable, sixteen women have just become pin-up girls. But not in the classic sense. It's doubtful that these women will become fodder for service station walls or university dorms. Theirs is a different mission; to advocate women's health and to promote an aesthetic different than the glossy pop-culture boob that dominates mainstream media. How? With a calendar. The Breast of Canada calendar, to be exact.

June - Canadian Breast Cancer Network Organizes Adopt-a-Riding Campaign

Federal election candidates asked to respond to recent survey revealing the significant financial cost of having breast cancer

May - Newsletter Vacation notice. See you in June

April - Mother's milk kept bottled up

Society's twisted values balks at a women using her breasts as nature intended her to.

March - Janet Breast Begets Stern Boot

9/11 occurred over 2 years ago, and we still don't have a report on the most dramatic intelligence breakdown in American history.

February - Your Earth: Breasts

Weeks after Janet Jackson's breast was bared during Super Bowl half-time show, the controversy continues. The event has so rattled the moral fiber of the American music industry that this year's Grammy awards were peppered with comments about the incident. When Justin Timberlake stood at the podium for what he called, "the greatest moment of my life", he also apologized (again) for the unfortunate accident/publicity stunt.

January - Press Release
FDA Decides Silicone Breast Implants Are Not Proven Safe

Surprising 'Not Approvable' Letter on Inamed Pre-Market Application Comes After Chairman of Advisory Panel Implored FDA Head to Reject Recommendation.

December My Old Woman

There is an old woman in my mind. And she is me in thirty years or maybe forty. The numbers don't matter, except that she is old, and I am not. But I want to be. Someday I want to reach the pinnacle of my life, look back and salute my journey.

November U.S. Advisory Panel Heads Appeals for Silicone Implant Rejection

Dr. Thomas Whalen, head of a U.S. advisory panel to the FDA, is urging regulators to reject the previous approved application by Inamed Corp.'s to resume the sale of silicone gel breast implants.

October - Cancer Screening Rates Among Asian Ethnic Groups

A new fact sheet from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, titled " Cancer Screening Rates Among Asian Ethnic Groups," finds that, within the Asian population, ethnic subgroups differ substantially in their receipt of cancer screenings at recommended intervals.

September - Researchers Call on Federal Government to Create Breast Implant Registry

Health Complications from Breast Implant Surgery Common. New Canadian study shows follow up procedures from private breast implant surgery draws on public health system

August - Breast Implants

Breast implants are medical devices. Like all medical devices, they provide certain benefits, but also pose certain health risks. If you are considering breast implant surgery, it is very important to understand the nature and extent of these risks before you make a decision. The decision to choose breast implant surgery can only be made by you in consultation with your doctor.

July - The Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy

The widespread popularity of hormone replacement therapy in the United States is a triumph of marketing over science and advertising over common sense. As a society, we ignore the fact that menopause is not a disease. It is a normal transition that occurs in all women.

June - Canadian Women’s Health Network
The CWHN is committed to enhancing women’s health in Canada by facilitating information sharing, and building regional and national links among organizations and individuals who care about women’s health.

May - Breast Massage
Pleased to meet you - Getting to know your breasts through breast massage by Susan Glass

Breast massage offers women the same opportunity to get to know our breasts as massage therapy offers for our bodies generally. Breast massage is a specialized form of massage therapy.

April - Thermography
The First-Step in Breast Screening by Dr. Verna Hunt

Breast Thermography is a medical technique used extensively in other countries including Japan, France, Sweden, as a first-line screening procedure assessing breast health.




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