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Second Canadian Breast Health Calendar In Production


It's b-a-a-a-a-ck! 

After putting the issue of breast health and breast cancer prevention in the spotlight last year, the ground-breaking Breast of Canada calendar is getting ready for a return engagement this fall. 

Thanks to a successful public appeal for advance orders and sponsorships, publisher Sue Richards says Breast of Canada 2003 will arrive in stores across Canada in September. Distribution of the calendar will be followed by promotional events and speaking engagements to coincide with Canadian Breast Cancer Prevention Month in October. 

"The reaction to my request for advance orders and sponsors has been outstanding," said Richards. "The calendar has generated tremendous interest and people want to see it continue."

Richards will be promoting Breast of Canada June 5-9 while attending the World Conference on Breast Cancer in Victoria, B.C. 

Since last fall, more than 15,000 copies of the 2002 calendar have been distributed across the country, raising eyebrows and turning heads wherever it is displayed. Designed to promote awareness of breast health, the calendar featured bold portraits of women's breasts by Guelph photographer Melanie Gillis, along with educational material on cancer prevention strategies. 

The calendar became the subject of national media attention when the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation refused to accept proceeds from the sale of the calendar because they thought it was too "controversial". Since then, BoC's website has attracted more than 450,000 hits.

"BoC has proven itself to be an effective attention-grabber," said Richards. "Our world is cluttered with messages. BoC was able to cut through that clutter and became an outstanding vehicle for a vitally important message."

This year, net proceeds from the sale of the 2003 calendar will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, the national voice of breast cancer survivors representing more than 150 advocacy, support and research groups across Canada. 

According to the CBCN, "Breast of Canada is an extraordinary and important breast health tool that will help raise awareness and motivate action about the prevention and early detection of breast cancer."

The 2003 calendar promises to attract plenty of attention as well. Among its features:

  • A new, reduced price of $19.95
  • More than a dozen creative new portraits, including a breast cancer survivor and a man. Once again, all the models are anonymous and volunteered to be photographed.
  • Many of the photos promote recreation and fitness, after recent studies showed that physical activity at any age is the best way for women to reduce their risk of breast cancer
  • Up-to-date information on breast health and cancer prevention. 

"Putting together the second annual edition of BoC has been even more exciting than last year," said Richards. "We have an excellent template to work from and a tremendous amount of supportive feedback. We could be seeing the dawn of a much-needed breast health movement in this country."

Advance orders for the 2003 calendar are still being accepted and can be ordered through our website at www.breastofcanada.com. A 10% discount applies to orders received before June 21.

For further information

Sue Richards 519-767-0142 http://www.breastofcanada.com

Note to editors

Sue Richards is available for interviews from the World Conference on Breast Cancer in Victoria, June 5-9.

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