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Time to say goodbye to an old friend

By Suzanne Bourret
The Hamilton Spectator [Fri., Feb. 13, 2004]

This is an uplifting story, even though it points to the end of a double life and a loving relationship.

You already know it's Friday the 13th but you may not know it's Dead Bra Day -- the day women are to go to their lingerie drawer and ditch all their old, dead bras.

Who says so? Sue Richards of Guelph. The artist is the co-creator of the Breast of Canada Calendar, a calendar that's devoted to all breasts -- even men's.

She says Dead Bra Day is a lighthearted idea especially needed in the depths of winter. Her calendar was designed to promote breast health among women and especially to encourage regular breast exams.

By declaring Dead Bra Day, Richards is trying to suggest a little fun and something positive. "It's not all about looking for the lump," she says.

So what do you do with all your dead bras? How about a bra tree, a bra fence, or a bra wall in a bar or eatery to draw attention to women's health issues, suggests Richards. Or what about contributing them as nests for your pet mice? They also make dandy ties for staking tomatoes and peonies, suggests a colleague.

Net proceeds from the calendar are directed to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. They're still available and now are 50 per cent off at $9.98, (plus taxes and shipping). Call 519-767-0142. You can also visit BreastofCanada.com.

As for throwing away dead bras? Oh, don't be a boob. They're far too comfortable.