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Breast of Canada Calendar
Haiku Contest

Haiku Contest beckons
Sweet words of breast love
Soft comfort gently shared

Photo credit:
Olivia Brown

The Breast of Canada calendar invites you to enter our Haiku contest with your breast Haiku.

Please send hard copy submissions to
P.O. Box 714,
Guelph, On N1H 6L3

Or email: [email protected]

September 30th

Winners will be published in the
2009 BoC calendar.

Breast Haiku Contest Submissions

These are mine. Not grand
and not perfect but I want
to keep what is mine.

Connie Jones, Alberta

before childbearing
flowers bloom without nectar
breasts of young women.

Nancy Olwen Morrey, Ontario

Constant companions,
grown tired over the journey -
no less beautiful.

Ellen S. Jaffe, Ontario

While it was that day
the doctors threw it away.
Breast of Canada.

Janet Hosokawa, B. C.


Breast of Canada Promoting
Women's Health

Support Breast Cancer Prevention

2008 Breast of Canada Calendar Launch
September TBA, 2007

Please join publisher Sue Richards for the
7th annual 2008 Breast of Canada
Calendar Launch in the fall. Details will be posted closer to the date.

Avant Breast, the breast art show and auction, took place last fall in conjunction with the 2007 Breast of Canada Calendar launch. Avant Breast was created by Jen Turnbull to raise additional funds and awareness for the Breast of Canada Calendar and associated charity the Canadian Breast Cancer Network.

The concept of Avant Breast is the creation of art, incorporating breasts into the making of the work. The name Avant Breast is a spin on "avant-garde", defined as: A group or work that is innovative or inventive on one or more levels: subject, medium, technique, style, or relationship to context. An avant-garde work pushes the known boundaries of acceptable art sometimes with revolutionary, cultural, or political implications. This describes the project very appropriately. Many talented local artists came together to generously support this fun and special project!

"One thing is certain, you will laugh and you will cry at the Breast of Canada calendar launch"-- from an audience member.

Fun New Dates to Celebrate

Orangeness Day January 26
Simple. A day to celebrate the colour orange. Wear orange. Be orange. Think orange. Eat an orange. Get inspired by clicking here.

January Blah's Eve January 31

For all the frosted Canadians across the land - Turn up your thermostat, invite your breast friends over, turn on some hot tunes, stick an umbrella in your cocktail and have a giggle. Stay warm, Be Cool.

Order of Good Cheer Feast Day, February 9, 2007

Inspired by a CBC interview about the need for a February holiday. Great idea I thought....why wait for it to wind it's way through the red tape of bureaucracy? And and so, with the publishing power invested in me I do proclaim the second Friday of February as the Order of Good Cheer Feast Day. Yum, Yum.

Dead Bra Day, February 13
Read the "Dead Bra Day" stories to see how others have celebrated this event.

The Month of June is Picnic Month

This one is simple. Go on at least one picnic.

Run, Walk, Roll for Cancer Prevention, May 29, 2007

Breast of Canada Day, July 30

'Tis a full moon people!

No Bra Day, August 30


Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19


Dead Bra Day Stories

Above: Linda Goodick and Christine VonMaydell
(winner of the the 2005 DEADEST BRA AWARD)
hoist dead bras owned by Jordan Ferry,
Nova Scotia gals up Linda's flag pole

Above: The 1st Annual Dead Bra Day celebration's (reported)
in Nova Scotia resulted in "lots of belly laughs" and
this stunning display of Canadian humour


Everyone has at least one dead bra. No elastic. No support. This is not good. Please give your breasts the gift of "throwing that dead bra away". Be creative with the final resting spot. After all, your dead bra served you well. Consider starting a bra fence or a special community tree for all the dead bras in your neighbourhood. What ever you do, have fun and please tell us about it.

Time to say goodbye to an old friend
By Suzanne Bourret
The Hamilton Spectator [Fri., Feb. 13, 2004]

This is an uplifting story, even though it points to the end of a double life and a loving relationship.

You already know it's Friday the 13th but you may not know it's Dead Bra Day -- the day women are to go to their lingerie drawer and ditch all their old, dead bras.

Who says so? Sue Richards of Guelph. The artist is the co-creator of the Breast of Canada Calendar, a calendar that's devoted to all breasts -- even men's.

She says Dead Bra Day is a lighthearted idea especially needed in the depths of winter. Her calendar was designed to promote breast health among women and especially to encourage regular breast exams.

By declaring Dead Bra Day, Richards is trying to suggest a little fun and something positive. "It's not all about looking for the lump," she says.

So what do you do with all your dead bras? How about a bra tree, a bra fence, or a bra wall in a bar or eatery to draw attention to women's health issues, suggests Richards. Or what about contributing them as nests for your pet mice? They also make dandy ties for staking tomatoes and peonies, suggests a colleague.

Net proceeds from the calendar are directed to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. They're still available and now are 50 per cent off at $9.98, (plus taxes and shipping). Call 519-767-0142. You can also visit

As for throwing away dead bras? Oh, don't be a boob. They're far too comfortable.

Media Release - February 12, 2004

There is a group of Canadian women for whom Dead Bra Day is more than a date on a calendar. This dynamic group of women known as the Canadian Association of Professional Bra-makers have dedicated themselves to give women back their womanhood by having available to them custom made bras that are beautiful, sexy and supportive. Best of all, they fit!

The Association began when the students of the Custom Foundation Certificate Program at Mohawk College realized there was no network in place for a group such as theirs. They founded their own group and have made it their mission to better inform the public about women's breast health and the importance of a correctly fitting bra.

The Program through Mohawk College is run through Beverly Johnson School of Sewing Arts & Design on Main St East, Hamilton, but students have come from all across the nation to attend. The Program has been many years in the concept stage and the first full program began in January of this year. The students are excited about being able to start their own custom bra-making business or to design their own line of bras for shops and boutiques. But the basis of all the excitement is that they now know how to fit real women, large or small, with a uniqueness that can only come from custom made foundations.

Bonnie Pataran, Program Director of Mohawk College was slightly surprised by the overwhelming response to the program. But the School's Chief Instructor, Beverly Johnson wasn't surprised in the least. She said " When it was advertised on the School website, and in the Mohawk calendar, it was clear after a couple of weeks that the course would be full and we would have a waiting list."

The ladies attending the School come from all walks of life, some retired looking to give back to the community in a more personal way, and others who desire a change of career as well as a couple who are adding to their expertise in the custom clothing area. Students learn how to make a bra pattern for their clients, learn the correct fitting techniques and how to take a bra pattern and completely re-style it into many different looks.

So what exactly is Dead Bra Day? It is the brainchild of the Breast of Canada Calendar co-creator Sue Richards, who proclaimed February 13 as the day to go through your cupboards, closet and bottom drawers and toss those tired old bras that no longer fit, or no longer support or those held together with safely pins. As women, we do tend to hang on to dead bras way past their useful life. "The idea of the calendar is to promote breast health among women, and especially to encourage regular breast exams. Dead Bra day, says Sue Richards has a light hearted theme, especially in the depths of winter. "I tried to create something fun, something positive. It's not all about looking for the lump" She suggested some creative ways women can dispose of their dead bras after the intimate underwear has served its purpose, perhaps a Bra Tree, a Bra Fence, or a Bra Wall in a bar or eatery to draw attention to womens' health issues, Richards said. Even with such a light hearted theme, the reason for the calendar's existence is serious. Net proceeds from the 2004 calendar are used toward the Canadian Breast Cancer network.

The Canadian Association of Professional Bra-makers is delighted that such a day exists! With an official Dead Bra Day in place, perhaps more women will realize the importance of a well-fitting bra in a their wardrobe and most importantly, its role in womens breast health

McMaster Students Dead Bra Day Story
Read the Guelph Mercury 2003 Dead Bra Story.

Like albino bats in the night ...

New Zealander's add support to fence....

Please bookmark this page. More events will be added.


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