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Passionate Breast Friends

The Breast of Canada breast friends play an integral role in the success of this calendar project. By providing networking, word of mouth, links and banner exchanges, the reach of BoC has expanded far beyond the home office space, of publisher Sue Richards in small city Guelph. Breast friends provide much energy, motivation and support for the breast team. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The following fine media and regular folk offer world web profile to the Breast of Canada calendar, just because they can. How cool is that?

Silent Images
Photographs by Melinda Hughes, is well worth a visit. Melinda's work will appear in the 2006 Breast of Canada Calendar.

Breast Friends Forever
A new Canadian charitable organization -

Candace Sepulis
A terrific Guelph artist and a Dreamweaver whiz! See her art here.

Sri Lanka trip
A group of survivors, including two calendar models, head to Sri Lanka to build houses.

CLK Lingerie
CLK Lingerie strives to serve the fashion lingerie and Therapeutic Fashion needs of our Canadian multi-ethnic community of various ages.

Globe and Mail
Beauty Magazine
Citizen Shift
Talk Sex With Sue
Rising Women Magazine
The Gate
Great Canadian Photography Websites
Guelph Mercury
Women & Environments International Magazine
Lisa Marshall at Moncton's Classic Rock C103



BoC Web Wench Sandy Walsh "busts out" on her own!
~ web sites ~ databases ~ graphics ~ business cards ~ technical drawings ~ presentations ~ templates ~ events ~ and more.


Shari Slonski, wife, mom, artist and survivor shares her talent with beads.

Ballyhoo Media
Cool Graphic Designs by my Cool Neighbour Candace at Ballyhoo Media

Victoria Poe is a CowGirl and one smart cookie. Need a change? She can help you.


Vancouver clothing store specializing in fun, funky and sexy clothing in sizes 14+.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health!

For women who want to maintain breast health and for women diagnosed with breast cancer. This site is designed with the purpose of empowering women in their health care choices.

Customs Order!

Last year when I ordered my '02 calendar I also took the offer for 50 free calendars that you were promoting. When the package finally arrived, it was really beat up and had been re-taped at least once. When I opened it up, instead of finding the 50 calendars, I found a bag of plain white extra large Hanes T-Shirts.

Apparently the calendars didn't make it past customs. I got a good hearty laugh out of the whole thing, and the t-shirts actually came in handy. My hunch is that somebody saw the name "Breast of Canada" on the package and decided to take on the distribution task himself. Because you were giving them away for the mere cost of shipping, I just shrugged it off with a laugh. You can imagine my surprise to find a package of t-shirts when I was expecting a bunch of calendars. Anyway, I thought you might also get a concerned laugh out of it too so I thought I'd share it with you. :-)

Keep up the good work and I look forward to the new calendar!
-Dave in Los Gatos

Bra Ball!

Emile Duffy from California is making a BRABALL. No, not a fancy dance, but rather a real ball made out of bras. So far, she has balled up 10,103 bras for a total weight of 1000 pounds and a diameter of four feet. Perhaps a good destination for your Dead Bra Day bras! Emile is definately passionate.

Check out her site at


"creative voices for change"

The Funky Mama's LOVE Breast of Canada! 

Check out their groovy web site at

Women's Sports Television ...

A fabulous network dedicated to showing women in sports 24/7. One of a kind. Brilliant role models for all ages. Check out WTSN at

Tannis Slimmon

The lovely and talented Tannis Slimmon makes her musical home in Guelph Ontario. Her first C.D., titled Oak Lake, so named after her small town in Manitoba, is a sweet collection of finely crafted tunes and beautiful vocals. Find out more about my dear friend at

You can check out a recent interview on CBC Radio's Richardsons Roundup and hear her cut "There's a Lift" from one of the links below. I had the pleasure of furthering my musical career by being part of the backup choir!


There's A Lift (893KB)
There's A Lift (6.1MB)

Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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