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Two students at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) decided that Dead Bra Day was a fine idea -- and did something special for it.

Although a third student was going to join in, she didn't have time before she went home. The other two, however, had dead bras to, umm, divest themselves of.

Jennifer and Jennifer (really!) went out February 13th at about 8:30 PM, bras at the ready. Jenny Worth carried two in her hand; Jen Copley, a bit embarrassed, kept her one bra in her pack. She was happy that Jenny hadn't insisted on doing this in daylight!

So across the McMaster campus they walked, looking for objects on which to hang their deceased garments. They arrived at a sculpture known locally as Bird Man, but he was too tall.

"I'm going to climb up there," Jenny blurted out. "No you aren't -- get down!" shouted Jen.

Ditching that plan, Jenny then wanted to throw the bras up into the air to see if they hooked onto the sculpture. Difficult. There were several people watching, which led Jen to quietly suggest finding another location.

Next they looked for a tree. Just beyond an archway they found three bushes in a row. Since they had no leaves, they looked cold. Jenny and Jen thought they'd give them each a bra to keep them warm.

Jenny reported the task succinctly: "We dressed the bushes, admired our work, and walked away."

Just before 10 PM, Jenny, who lives in a residence on campus, said she would go back to the location to take a picture. "Nah," said another friend. "The bras won't still be there."

Ten minutes later, a phone call. "I took four pictures!" Jenny exclaimed.

The bras had been swept onto the ground, but she repositioned them where they belonged. The next morning they were gone, and Dead Bra Day became an amusing memory.

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