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Gareth Lind
Graphic Designer

Born in Pennsylvania and brought up in Toronto Gareth Lind apprenticed at a fledgling design firm in the late 80s and worked as a freelancer before becoming Art Director of Metropolis, a Toronto arts and entertainment weekly. In 1990, he joined his future wife, Christel Herick, in Düsseldorf, Germany. They both returned to Canada in 1992 and chose to settle in the low-stress environment and vibrant social and artistic community of Guelph.

Gareth's design firm, Lind Design, was formed to provide a complete range of graphic services for small businesses, institutions and other organizations in the region, with a focus on environmentally oriented projects.

He is also a cartoonist. His social and political satire comic strip, Weltschmerz, has appeared regularly over the past five years in Toronto's eye, Guelph's Echo and several other alternative weeklies across the province. He is the cartoonist for This magazine.

Gareth is proud to have been able to contribute to the Breast of Canada 2002 Calendar. "Breast health education has to be one of the front-line defenses against breast cancer," he says. "But I hope this calendar moves even beyond this, to promote body awareness and acceptance. The cult of thinness and narrow parameters of beauty that dominate our commercial media culture have created a health epidemic of their own. This epidemic of eating disorders is created in part by my profession, which helps generate the images that permeate our consciousness. 

This is one reason why this calendar is as focused as it is on the breast - to show it outside of the context of selling clothes and perfume. If it is shocking to see beautifully photographed women's bodies being used to educate Canadians on how to stay healthy, then I hope this shock leads to change. If this calendar helps enable women - and men - to treat women's bodies and health with the respect they deserve, then I feel we'll have succeeded."

His latest project, a weekly cartoon strip called Weltschmerz, can be seen at

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