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Breast of Canada Promoting
Women's Health

You are invited to become an official Breast Ambassador for the
Breast of Canada Calendar

It's a 10 step program!


Ten Steps to furthering the Breast Celebration Revolution and Becoming a Breast Ambassador

1. Buy two Breast of Canada Calendars - Put one up in a prominent place in your home or workplace. Give one to someone you love. The calendar is an affordable tool for change. It will inspire conversation. Order here.

2. Use your voice - The media is run by people, both men and women. Find out who they are and tell them how you feel about the images they use.

3. Make friends with your own body - Touch your breasts.

4. Avoid blaming and complaining about "them" and try reclaiming "you"

5. Turn off your television for a straight 24 hour period and engage your imagination instead.

6. Be brave - It takes courage to change the world. But it's fun to roar like Tarzan.

7. Smile and use your sense of humour - People don't like to be hit over the head but we can all use a good laugh.

8. Notice your own behavior and how you contribute to our societies attitudes about women's bodies.

9. Realize that you can completely change the world with your effort. Always give yourself a pat on the back.

10. Become a Breast Friend of the Breast of Canada calendar.


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